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Dancing pharmacists win award

October 20, 2009

If you happen to visit the Safeway Pharmacy #0281 in Airdrie, you may catch the team there doing the “Dispensary Dance,” where they attempt not to trip over one another or step on feet as they work in a very busy and rather small dispensary. They can now also do a dance of joy to celebrate their recent award.

The pharmacy team received an honorable mention in this fall’s Pharmacy Gateway contest, “Canada’s best drugstore team.” We caught up with the pharmacy manager Christopher Borys to find out what makes this group such a strong team.

Chris has been with the pharmacy for four and a half years and has high praise for the group he describes as a well-oiled and well-matched team. “We all step up to any challenge together and help each other. We decided to enter the contest because we feel that we work well as a team. Each individual’s strengths, skills set, and attitude allow us to function efficiently while operating a busy dispensary.”

Chris says that the ability of his staff to recognize and utilize one another’s strengths enables the team to better serve their patients and make work more enjoyable. “Every other store I have ever worked at just can’t compete!” states Chris.

In addition to laughing everyday, Chris says that the most enjoyable aspect of working with his team is knowing that he can count on the support of his colleagues if he needs it.

Congratulations to you and your team Chris, and may you all keep laughing and dancing for years to come!

Originally published in the October 20, 2009, issue of The Link