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Deb Manz installed as 25th president of ACP Council

June 25, 2024
Portrait of Deb Manz
Presidential term to commence July 1, 2024.

For the second time in the Alberta College of Pharmacy’s history, a public member will serve as president. Deb Manz, who was appointed as a public member in 2021, was installed as president at ACP’s Celebration of Leadership on June 12, 2024. She will begin her presidential term on July 1, 2024.

“I am feeling quite humbled and honoured to be assuming this role,” said Deb, who was inspired by the Honorary Life Membership, Honorary Membership, and Leadership Development Award presentations that also took place. “There is such a long and rich history of committed leadership at ACP and I was really struck by the fact that all these years later, for some of those people, that commitment is still there, and the results of their leadership are still so evident. What really resonated with me was the value of good governance and that form of leadership. I’m excited to be a part of that group of people.”

Being involved in health regulation is nothing new for Deb. Before joining ACP Council, she served as the chief executive officer of the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors for 20 years. She is more than familiar with the legislative framework and how health care is regulated. Still, as a public member, she joined Council to ensure that the perspectives of patients are always front and centre.

“I think one of the advantages of being a public member is that we come to the table with real clarity about the fact that our role is around protection of the public and their safety, because we don’t have a pharmacy background,” said Deb. “As a public member, I can present perspectives that are from the other side of the counter. Together with our regulated member colleagues, we have an opportunity to think about both the delivery of care and the impact it can have. The opportunity to learn about the profession of pharmacy has been spectacular for me.”

During Deb’s term as president, Council will have many priorities. At the top of the list is the completion of the 2021-25 Strategic Plan, which includes implementing the new Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians and the Standards for the Operation of Licensed Pharmacies, which have both been approved by Council.

“Council has a role in supporting the execution and the rollout of these standards and that is about making sure our understanding is clear and that we are committed to not just what they are, but why they are, and how they are,” said Deb. “I think one of the things that will be unique in the coming year, but is also critical, is that we will be onboarding a new registrar. We will bring in someone to lead the organization and we need to be thoughtful and supportive in how we onboard the new person so that they are successful in that role.”

Council will also conduct a governance review during Deb’s term—essentially examining how the college is governed and looking for opportunities for improvement.

“We’ll look at how we do things and how we want to do things in the future,” said Deb. “This is an undertaking that has not been addressed to this depth for a long time, so it’s significant for us.”

During her term as president, Deb hopes to visit with as many regulated members as possible to learn more about the pharmacy landscape and how the college can support excellence in the delivery of care.

“What I have heard during previous pharmacy visits, and I would hope to hear again, is just a really huge commitment to good patient care from regulated members,” said Deb. “I hope we have some dialogue about the new standards and enhance their importance. I think any dialogue is good dialogue.”