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June 2, 2009

It’s your shelves talking!

At least, that was the idea when we sent five “shelf talkers” to all pharmacies in mid-May. ACP and RxA designed these in response to pharmacists’ requests for materials they could use in their stores to help further the reach of our public awareness campaign. Let Karen Mills, ACP Communications Leader, know if you didn’t receive yours or if you would like more.

Please display the signs in your store until June 15, 2009. 

Where can you use these?

Place the shelf talkers anywhere that might prompt people to seek more information. Ideas include:

  • Any of the shelves in your store – particularly those where people might benefit from pharmacist advice (e.g., cough and cold, pain relief products)
  • The dispensary counter
  • Cash registers
  • The front door or window of the pharmacy

Help your customers begin the conversation about the wide range of services you offer and the many ways in which pharmacists can help them enjoy better health. 

What’s next?

Let us know how these work. We will be designing more in-store items for future campaigns, so let us know what you’d like to see. On a related note, we created a “go to” pharmacist group to bounce ideas off of and check facts with to ensure the campaign delivers the messages pharmacists want the public to hear. If you’re interested in participating, Karen and Cynthia would love to hear from you. The next wave of advertising is slated for October 2009.

Originally published in the June 2, 2009, issue of The Link