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Does your pharmacy require additional space?

September 4, 2019
New policy permits additional space for pharmacies.

All pharmacy services, including storing, compounding, dispensing, and selling of drugs, must only occur within a licensed pharmacy. Expansions were previously limited to a direct extension of the primary dispensary, but existing pharmacies may be limited by the total amount of physical space available. Some of those services, like compounding, can involve space and equipment requirements that are difficult to accommodate within some existing dispensaries…

The Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) has approved a policy allowing certain pharmacies to apply to develop additional space for pharmacy services in certain situations. This policy is ONLY applicable to community pharmacies that existed on the premises PRIOR to March 3, 2018. This policy also does not apply to a pharmacy with a compounding and repackaging licence.

All medications prepared in the additional licensed space must return to the primary dispensary before being dispensed or delivered elsewhere. The additional licensed space cannot be a publicly accessible area and must be of adequate size and have the equipment necessary to safely and effectively perform the intended pharmacy services. Close proximity is also required, as a licensee is responsible for supervising operations at their pharmacy, but the new policy may permit the use of other space in the same structure or complex of buildings.

Any changes to the physical facilities, space, or layout of the pharmacy are considered renovations and REQUIRE APPROVAL prior to implementation. If you are interested in more information about this policy, read the complete policy document.