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eHealth campaign coming: answers to your patients’ questions

January 21, 2014

In February, Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services will launch a campaign to raise public awareness about Alberta Netcare and MyHealth.Alberta. To help you answer your patient questions, they have created three resources.

1. Information collection and protection

The campaign is designed to make sure that Albertans understand how their health information is collected and protected, and that in the future they will have access to some of their Alberta Netcare information through

The campaign will start with a focus on Alberta Netcare, explaining that it is the tool that clinicians use to access their key health information. It will outline their rights as a patient to know who is viewing their health records, and the right to access those health records if they wish.

2. features

The second part of the campaign will focus on, both its current offering and future state. It hosts thousands of pages of reliable health information and a number of tools that can help patients make educated decisions about their health care.

In late 2014, a Personal Health Record (PHR) will be added to which will serve as Albertans’ portal into their provincial health records. The first information pieces that will be available through PHR are a medication profile (drugs dispensed in community pharmacies) and a patient summary which could include hospital visits, surgeries, and other health highlights available in Alberta Netcare. The PHR will also enable uploads from health and wellness monitoring devices like blood pressure monitors and fitness bracelet devices.

Resources for patient questions

Once the advertising is out, your patients may come to you with questions. To support you, AH and AHS are developing:

  1. a webpage for Albertans to visit dedicated to the campaign and helping them understand how eHealth will support their health care,
  2. a webpage for healthcare providers dedicated to the campaign and providing resources to answer questions that Albertans might ask you, and
  3. an information pamphlet that you can either print or request copies from Alberta Health free of charge.

For more information please visit: or contact