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EpiPen® shortage update

September 5, 2018
Auvi-Q® auto-injector is now available in Canada.

As announced in its August 29 news release, Health Canada has issued an Interim Order to allow for the importation of the Auvi-Q® auto-injector from the United States to help mitigate the EpiPen shortage.

Auvi-Q® 0.3mg is now available for order and could be in pharmacies as early as September 7, 2018. Health Canada issued temporary product identification numbers (like a pseudo-DIN) that can be used for these products.

In terms of the National Drug Schedules (NDS), the current listing for epinephrine would apply to this formulation, just as it did for Allerject. Therefore, Auvi-Q® should be considered Schedule II under the NDS.

The Interim Order REQUIRES that pharmacists provide the Health Canada Patient Information leaflet when selling Auvi-Q®. Auvi-Q® cannot be sold unless it is accompanied by the leaflet.

Pharmacists are being asked to continue to conserve supply of EpiPen and Auvi-Q®. Auvi-Q® comes in a box with two auto-injectors plus a trainer. Health Canada states that pharmacists can open the box and dispense only one Auvi-Q® to each patient along with a Health Canada Patient Information Leaflet.

Health Canada states that questions regarding the availability of Auvi-Q® should be directed to McKesson, who will be the Canadian importer of this product.

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