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A practice dilemma: resolving a patient’s wants vs. their needs

December 17, 2020
Check out our podcast as we walk you through the process to solve a pharmacist’s dilemma.

Pharmacists face difficult decisions every day in their practice. Some decisions are straightforward, while others take much consideration. At the forefront of practice decisions are ethical decisions—to do what’s right. This requires considering the principles of ACP’s Code of Ethics in context with each individual case. This includes, but may not be limited to, assessing and resolving the patient’s wants vs their needs, understanding the limitations of your own competencies, assessing the information that is available to make an informed decision, and knowing the extent of collaboration that is required with other members of the patient’s health team, including knowing when to refer.

Listen to our first-ever podcast, as two of ACP’s pharmacy practice consultants walk you through the thought process of a pharmacist attempting to solve a practice dilemma.