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HYDROmorphone: Discovering what we don’t know

March 6, 2012

As of June 2011, ISMP had received 160 incident reports involving HYDROmorphone with an associated outcome of harm or death.

To help ISMP identify the gaps in practitioner education, they are inviting all healthcare professionals involved in the preparation, dispensing, administration and/or monitoring of opioids to test their knowledge through an anonymous online survey.

Completion deadline: March 4, 2012.

ISMP will use the survey findings to develop improvement strategies to address knowledge deficit issues related to the safe use of HYDROmorphone. They will also share the results of this project upon its completion.

The answer key for the survey will be posted on the ISMP Canada website on March 5th, 2012.

A recording of a webinar providing background information on the project is available at:

HYDROmorphone is one of the top three drugs involved in medication incidents associated with harm voluntarily reported to ISMP Canada. The most common errors reported were:

  • Mix up of HYDROmorphone and morphine
  • Mix up of controlled release and immediate release formulations
  • Incorrect dose
  • Incorrect route of administration

For more information, or if you are unable to access the survey using the link provided, contact