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Indirect or direct supervision?

August 8, 2018
Different levels for different roles.

The Structured Practical Training (SPT) program provides an opportunity for interns (provisional pharmacists) and provisional pharmacy technicians to practice their skills in a supervised practical environment. This requires the attendance and oversight of a supervising regulated professional for both pharmacy interns and provisional pharmacy technicians.

For interns, the goal is to support them in their journey to becoming proficient, patient-centered, and outcome-focused pharmacists. It is not an opportunity to schedule interns to work independently without a supervising pharmacist present. “It’s an important reminder,” said Debbie Lee, ACP Registration Director. “The reason we have a provisional register is to allow an individual time to become a proficient pharmacist. To do that, interns need feedback to make it a valuable learning experience and meet the objective of the structural practical training program. That can’t happen if a pharmacist isn’t there, observing, and sharing their professional knowledge.”

Who requires direct supervision?

  • Pharmacy interns and provisional pharmacy technicians* who are completing the SPT program.
  • Pharmacy students.
  • Pharmacy assistants.
  • Additionally, any student or intern who has met the requirements to administer drugs by injection must perform this restricted activity under the direct supervision of a pharmacist who has authorization to administer injections.

Who requires indirect supervision?

  • Pharmacy interns or provisional pharmacy technicians who have completed their SPT program can perform restricted activities under direct or indirect supervision, at the discretion of the supervising regulated professional. The level of supervision must be agreed upon by both the supervising regulated professional and the provisional registrant. Interns should not be scheduled to work independently without a supervising pharmacist present.

A licensee must ensure that there is always a pharmacist present and supervising the pharmacy. For indirect supervision, the supervisor must be readily available for consultation and, if necessary, for providing hands-on assistance to the supervised individual.

The role and responsibilities of the supervisor for each group is detailed on the supervision webpage on the ACP website.

*Indirect supervision for provisional pharmacy technicians may be permitted as per the supervision rules found in the SPT manual, located on the SPT for Pharmacy Technicians webpage.