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Insights from our June council meeting

July 13, 2016

Following are highlights from council’s deliberations on June 23-24, 2016:

  • Standards for Compounding Sterile Non-hazardous Products – Council approved standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-Hazardous Sterile Products based on the national model developed by NAPRA. Watch for future communication from ACP about implementation requirements and timelines. In the months ahead, council will also be considering Standards for the Compounding of Hazardous Products and also for Non-Sterile Compounding.
  • Compounding and Repackaging Agreement – Council reviewed the standard agreement required between Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacies and other licensed pharmacies that they provide services to. Direction has been provided to amend the required agreement to make it contemporary with current legislation, to ensure that it clearly and adequately addresses professional responsibilities, and to address governance in the event that services are delivered outside of Alberta.
  • International Pharmacy Graduates (IPGs) – Council received presentation from Dr. John Pugsley, CEO of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada, and Carole Bouchard, CEO of the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities, about federal and national considerations important to the registration of IPGs. This has provided council with a foundation for further discussion about policy direction to better prepare IPGs for entering practice in Alberta.
  • Using Analytics to Assist in Improving Pharmacy Practice – Council received presentation from Dr. Larry Svenson, Executive Director of Epidemiology and Surveillance at Alberta Health, illustrating trends in pharmacy practice. The data and trending information introduced new possibilities to better understand trends in practice and their relationship to population needs. ACP will continue to work with Dr. Svenson and his team to learn more about how we can use analytics to inform better policy decisions and improve pharmacy practices to better meet patient and population health needs.
  • Narcotic Security in Community Pharmacies – Council received presentation from ACP’s complaints director, Jim Krempien, about the status of pharmacy security in Alberta and alternatives that council may consider to enhance this. Insight was provided about successes experienced in British Columbia and other jurisdictions, where “time-release” safes are now a requirement. Council provided direction for ACP to work with provincial policing agencies to inform and develop an enhanced policy for their consideration.
  • Pharmacy Roadmap – A Vision for the Future” – Council approved a roadmap that outlines a vision for the future of pharmacy practice in Alberta. The roadmap is a narrative that describes a future state for pharmacy practice 10 years forward. It was developed in partnership with RxA through the input and advice of individuals (pharmacists, technicians, nurses, physicians, patients, policy makers, and others) who participated in a two-day workshop last November. The narrative is built on six themes identified by participants. It provides a foundation for discussion with other provincial pharmacy organizations, educators, pharmacy owners, and registrants. It also provides a foundation from which common provincial strategies can be developed. The roadmap is also one reference that ACP will use in modernizing role statements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
  • Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) – Council was briefed about changes resulting from the royal assent of federal legislation (Bill C-14) on Medical Assistance in Dying. Council also reflected on feedback received from pharmacists who had provided services to support physicians who prescribed for MAID during the transition period of February 6, 2016 – June 6, 2016.
  • Joint Guidelines for Hand Hygiene – Council approved guidelines for hand hygiene that have been developed collaboratively with CPSA and CARNA. Watch for future information to assist you in incorporating these within your practice.

    In the fall, council will consider DRAFT guidelines for the administration of medications that have also been developed collaboratively with CPSA and CARNA.

    Council will convene next on September 14, 2016.