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MAID update

December 14, 2016

Thank you to all the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in community and hospital-based practices who have taken extraordinary measures to work with physicians to meet the wishes of individuals who have chosen and been authorized to receive MAID.

ACP was to readdress its guidance to members into a single document in 2016, which has been delayed. During the first quarter of 2017, you can expect a smaller, simpler document that will reference other resources to assist you. Meanwhile, we wish to provide you the following updates:

  • ACP has reposted the most current MAID protocol in the password protected section of our website.
  • Council has approved the following guidance for the filling of syringes for the euthanasia protocol:
  • Whenever possible, pre-filling syringes with drugs for the euthanasia protocol should occur in a sterile environment;
  • If a sterile environment is not accessible, then aseptic technique may be used;
  • If aseptic technique is used, then:
  • Syringes should be pre-filled as close to the arranged pick-up time by the prescribing physician or nurse; and,
  • Syringes MUST not be filled more than 24 hours in advance of the planned time of administration
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must ensure that filled syringes are securely stored in an appropriate environment to ensure stability.

The MAID protocol for oral administration MUST only be prepared in an environmentally controlled hood to ensure the safety of pharmacy personnel

On December 6, 2016, an Order in Council was passed authorizing Nurse Practitioners to assess a client for eligibility for MAID and to administer the medication that causes the death. Prescriptions for a MAID protocol received from nurse practitioners should be treated exactly the same as if it were a physician prescribing.

There are still many communities where pharmacy licensees have not indicated the readiness and willingness of their team to support physicians or nurse practitioners in meeting the wishes of individuals choosing and being authorized to receive MAID. Please have this discussion with your team, and if you are able and willing to provide services, please notify Registrar Greg Eberhart. Your contact information will be shared with AHS MAID coordinators to facilitate service delivery.

Watch for more information about MAID in forthcoming editions of The Link. We continue to learn, so enhancements to the pharmacy protocol are expected in 2017.