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Mandatory sexual abuse & sexual misconduct training courses

February 3, 2021
All registrants must have both courses completed by May 31, 2021.

All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must have the two mandatory training courses for sexual abuse and sexual misconduct completed prior to May 31, 2021. Pharmacists are required to complete both courses prior to renewing their practice permit for 2021-22. If you have already completed the courses and have retained your statements of completion, there is no need to complete the courses again.

To retrieve the statements of completion, make note of the following tips:

  • The suggested browser for completing the course is Google Chrome. Users may encounter issues when using Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Print your certificate upon completion. The AFRHP course: Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct does not save your progress, so you will be asked to start over if you return later or do not print your certificate upon completion.
  • Allow pop-ups to open up the print dialog at the end of the course; this is required to print your statement of completion.