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Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Pharmacy Protocols

May 18, 2016

The standardized pharmacy protocols developed by Alberta Health Services for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) has been updated. You can access the updated protocol on ACP’s website. Again, your username and password will be required. You are encouraged to review this protocol to be familiar with the drugs you will require if called upon to support a physician providing MAID.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are also reminded to review the guidance provided by ACP respecting their limited role in supporting physicians in MAID. ACP’s preliminary and supplementary guidance documentscomplement one and other, and should be read concurrently.

IMPORTANT: Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are reminded that the standardized prescription protocols are written as a standardized “basket of drugs.” If the prescribing physician or nurse practitioner requires additional doses of a drug (i.e. popofol); then a separate standardized prescription should be written for the additional drugs and they should be dispensed separately. Therefore, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians should be aware that multiple standardized prescriptions may be received; and, discussion should occur with the prescriber to clarify their intent. The bottom line is that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must ensure that the prescriber is accurately dispensed all of the drugsthey need.

Please also visit Alberta Health Services portal, providing access to additional resources on MAID. Please access these should you wish additional background information and guidance on MAID.