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New online competence assessment tutorial

April 5, 2011

ACP is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource – an online tutorial on the RxCEL Competence Assessment Program. The tutorial is based on the Competence Assessment Handbook.


How can I use this?

The tutorial fully describes the two assessment options: Professional Portfolio and Knowledge Assessment. It can even help you decide which option is best for you, in the section “Making the Competence Assessment Choice”. 
You can review the entire tutorial or, using the menu links, skip to sections within the tutorial. For example, if you must complete a Professional Portfolio because you have Additional Prescribing Authorization, you can go directly to the section on Professional Portfolio. 
Please note: The tutorial includes an audio component, so be sure to have your speakers turned on.

The bottom portion of the webpage may not display on widescreen monitors, so select the “Full Screen” view on your Internet browser if you cannot see the “Audio/Text” toggle button and the media player buttons.