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One-year limit for immunization authorization application

September 8, 2009

Pharmacists seeking authorization to administer drugs by injection must apply to the college within one year of successful completion of an approved training program.

If more than one year elapses between your training and application, you must complete another training program.

A “grace period” is in effect for this restriction. All pharmacists who successfully completed an approved training program prior to Dec. 31, 2008 have until Dec. 31, 2009 to apply for authorization.

Time limit rationale:

  1. It is difficult to maintain psychomotor skills over a long period of time if you are not practising them.
  2. There is significant potential for harm if injections are provided incorrectly, e.g., nerve damage.
  3. Injections techniques do change, e.g., Z-track has become the preferred method for intramuscular injections over the past few years.

Originally published in the September 8, 2009, issue of The Link