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Patient choice must not be interfered with

October 17, 2018
A reminder of the rules when providing prescription pads to physicians.

We’ve had reports of pharmacies developing their own prescription pads that include a list of compounded medications. The prescription pads are then shared with physicians to assist them to accurately prescribe compounded medications. While these pads may help facilitate patient safety and interprofessional collaboration, they cannot be branded with pharmacy information that may interfere with patient choice.

Pharmacy teams need to be aware of the restrictions that exist when it comes to creating their own prescription pads. Section 24(3) of the Pharmacy and Drug Regulation clearly outlines information that cannot be included on a prescription pad.

Restrictions on advertising

24(3) Neither a licensee nor a proprietor may engage in any practice that unduly interferes with independent patient choice, including supplying or encouraging a person who issues prescriptions to use prescription blanks that bear

     (a) the name or address of

          (i) the pharmacy,

          (ii) a pharmacist who engages in the practice of pharmacy at the pharmacy, or

          (iii) the proprietor of the pharmacy, or

     (b) a slogan or logo that is associated with or identifies the pharmacy.