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Pharmacy changes require approval before they happen

August 19, 2020
Licensees have an important role in obtaining ACP approval.

Any changes in a pharmacy, either with a proprietor or licensee, or to a floor plan (e.g., renovation) require approval from ACP before the changes take place.

While processing pharmacy renewal applications, ACP team members noticed several applications with changes to the proprietor information (e.g., owner, major shareholder, or proprietor’s agent) that were not previously approved by the college. Changes to the owner or major shareholders (20 per cent or more voting shares) of the pharmacy require advanced notice and approval from ACP.

Other changes that require approval from ACP include the following:

  • relocation,
  • application for a different category of pharmacy licence,
  • request to maintain records outside the dispensary, and
  • request to change a pharmacy name.

ACP must know about any changes before they happen.

A pharmacy licence is based on the information provided during the application process regarding the applicant, the proprietor, the pharmacy, and the pharmacy services. The licensee is responsible for reporting any changes to ACP.

Details on licensee responsibilities, and when ACP requires notification about changes, can be found on the Managing your pharmacy page on the ACP website.