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Prescriptions from optometrists must be properly entered into your pharmacy system

May 27, 2020
Entering a generic prescriber code is not best practice.

The Alberta College of Optometrists (ACO) has reported a trend occurring in community pharmacies across Alberta: it appears that some pharmacists are not entering prescriber information into their pharmacy system when filling prescriptions written by optometrists. Rather, the generic prescriber identification code 44111OP (unknown prescriber) is being entered instead. This leads to an incomplete Netcare medication record of the patient.

The ACO states that optometrists are required to include their registration number on all prescriptions, making it convenient for a pharmacist to find and enter into their pharmacy system when filling a prescription. If the optometrist’s registration number is not indicated on the prescription, refer to the ACO website’s prescriber list and look up the optometrist’s registration number, which is easily accessible.

Properly entering the prescriber’s identification information helps to ensure the Netcare medication record is accurate and complete. This contributes to the continuity and quality of care for the patient.