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Pressed for time, but still interested in providing feedback? Here’s a tip for navigating the Draft Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-Sterile Preparations…

October 19, 2016

As you know, ACP is consulting with registrants and stakeholders on draft Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-Sterile Preparations. If you’re finding the draft standards document a little daunting, we recommend going to the appendices first to see if there is a topic that piques your interest. Appendix 2 is a decision algorithm to determine which compounds belong in levels A, B and C and Appendix 3 is a chart that outlines the conditions for preparing compounds in each level. If you find something that you’re interested in learning more about, you can then proceed to the section where the topic is covered to review in further detail.

The draft standards have been developed nationally in collaboration with other provincial pharmacy regulatory authorities through the support of the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA).Your comments will inform and support ACP’s response to the concurrent national consultation. To begin, please visit the consultation page on ACP’s website and follow the instructions provided. All feedback and comments must be received by ACP by midnight on November 25, 2016.