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Priority 3 deadline of non-sterile compounding standards quickly approaching

February 19, 2020
ACP’s non-sterile compounding self-assessment tool can help you comply with the standards.

With the deadlines for meeting Priorities One and Two of the Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-sterile Preparations having passed on January 1, 2020, pharmacy teams providing non-sterile compounding services must now look to meeting Priority Three—Facilities and equipment—by July 1, 2020.

One way to ensure your pharmacy’s compliance with the non-sterile compounding standards is to complete a non-sterile compounding assessment, using the tool provided on the ACP website.

The self-assessment tool will help you confirm your pharmacy is meeting the requirements of the non-sterile compounding standards, including the following:

  • whether your pharmacy is equipped to provide Level A, B, or C compounding;
  • that appropriate policies and procedures for non-sterile compounding, including quality assurance, have been established;
  • that your compounding personnel
    • have the proper training and skills for non-sterile compounding,
    • are aware of the pharmacy’s policies and procedures,
    • are using proper techniques, and
    • are wearing the required personal protective equipment; and
  • that your facilities and equipment meet the standards for the level of non-sterile compounding taking place in your pharmacy;

The fillable PDF self-assessment tool, along with many more non-sterile compounding resources, is available for download on the non-sterile compounding page of the ACP website.