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Protect your confidential information from phishing attempts

October 20, 2015

What is phishing?

“Phishing” (also known as “carding” or “spoofing”) is a general term for emails, text messages and websites sent by criminals that are designed to look like they come from well-known and trusted businesses, financial institutions and government agencies in an attempt to collect personal, financial and sensitive information.

How to spot a phishing attempt:

On the surface, phishing attempts may appear to be from a legitimate source. The content of a phishing email or text message is intended to trigger a quick reaction from you. Typically, phishing messages will ask you to “update”, “validate”, or “confirm” your account information or face dire consequences. You are often prompted to click on a link to a phony website where you’re asked for personal information such as identifiers or passwords. Sometimes you can tell that a website or email is not legitimate if there are spelling and grammatical errors. 

How ACP manages and protects your credentials:

ACP would like to remind registrants that we do not solicit your credentials, via email or otherwise. At all times, ACP keeps your confidential information secure. As a general rule, never reply to email or text messages with requests for personal information including password or credit card information. More information about phishing can be found on the RCMP website.