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Reflecting on 10 years of new opportunity – part 3

April 26, 2017

Message from the Registrar

Pharmacists: share your successes through patient stories

I have encouraged you to reflect on your practice, and the many opportunities and changes that you have experienced and made since pharmacists’ scope of practice changed in 2007. This is an opportunity to celebrate your successes, pat yourself on the back, and consider how you will move to the next level in your practice.

When preparing our five-year business plan, council was challenged with the following four questions:

  • How can we enhance the public’s understanding and expectations about what pharmacists and pharmacy technicians do?
  • How can we improve the consistency of quality pharmacy practice across Alberta?
  • How can we improve the quality of assessments performed by pharmacists prior to making drug use decisions (for dispensing, prescribing, or injecting purposes)?
  • How can we enhance the use of pharmacy human resources; and, specifically, how can pharmacy technicians be more effectively incorporated into practice?

These resulted in our five-year goals, one of which focuses on changing patients’ experiences and expectations of pharmacy practice. 

“Patients will expect pharmacists to provide appropriate assessments, advice, and support about their health (treatment) plan at each encounter.”

I invite you to share your patient stories with us, stories about how you have used our scope of practice to impact the lives of individuals, families, and your community. We want to share your excitement and your successes with peers, stakeholders, and Albertans at large. Numbers can’t tell our full story, so with your assistance, we want to bring our collective efforts to life. By sharing your experiences, we will change expectations!