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Reminder: time-delayed safes and signage are now required

July 13, 2022
Community pharmacies must have safes installed and must use them appropriately.

Community pharmacies are now required to store all schedule 1 narcotics and type 1 TPP drugs in time-delayed safes and must display relevant signage to increase safety for staff and patients. ACP approved amendments to its Standards for the Operation of Licensed Pharmacies (SOLP) to include this requirement after consultation with law enforcement agencies across Alberta, regulated members, and other stakeholders.

Regulated members are reminded that safes must be closed and locked at all times unless dispensing or stocking. Signage must be posted at all external entrances of the pharmacy and in the dispensary to ensure that all who enter the pharmacy are aware of the use of time-delayed safes. ACP mailed signage to pharmacies across the province for this purpose. If additional signage is required, it is available for printing. If mailed signage was not received, please contact ACP at Registrants can also access time-delayed safes FAQs for additional information.