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Rules for pharmacy students administering injections

May 17, 2011

If you are hiring a pharmacy student for the summer, keep in mind that U of A pharmacy students who have just completed third or fourth year may only administer drugs by injection, including immunizations, IF:

  • they successfully completed the injections training program at the U of A Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and
  • they are working under the direct supervision of a pharmacist who has injections authorization from ACP; and
  • they are working within a structured practical training (SPT) program (i.e., U of A rotations, post-grad hours), or extracurricular student work experience.

Unstructured extracurricular hours spent working in a pharmacy are not eligible as SPT. Students must notify ACP of any extracurricular activities being undertaken as a student pharmacist by completing and forwarding the Extracurricular Student Work Experience Notification Form to the ACP office.