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September 2015 council meeting

October 6, 2015

Council convened in Banff on September 23 – 25, 2015.

Here is a summary of council discussion and decisions from that meeting:

Proposed amendments to the Scheduled Drugs Regulation

The Scheduled Drugs Regulation expires in the fall of 2016.  In preparation for the review of the Scheduled Drugs Regulation, Council discussed the possibility of seeking amendment to move non-prescription codeine containing drugs from schedule 2 to schedule 1. A more comprehensive discussion will take place in December.

System-to-system interfaces between pharmacy practice management systems and NETCARE

Council supports the importance of a real time (system-to-system) interface between pharmacy practice management systems and NETCARE.  A more comprehensive discussion will take place in December to determine how ACP and government might work together to develop a strategy for improving accessibility to patient information for pharmacists.

Guidelines for Medication, Vaccine and Injection Safety (including hand hygiene)

ACP is working with representatives from CPSA and CARNA to develop guidelines based on infection prevention and control (IPAC) principles. The intent is for all three colleges to create standard expectations for pharmacists, nurses and physicians for hand hygiene; and medication, vaccine and injection safety. In addition to standardization across professions, expectations of practice will be consistent throughout the province.  Council held a discussion on the proposed guidelines and recommended amendments for the IPAC committee’s consideration. 

Competence program for pharmacy technicians – approval of rules

Council approved the rules for the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) for pharmacy technicians. The program will mirror the pharmacist program and will be implemented in 2016.

More details about ‘coming into effect’ and implementation will follow throughout the fall. Tools that are currently available to pharmacists for managing their professional development, will equally be made available to pharmacy technicians.

Business priorities for 2016

Council provided direction to move forward with developing ACP’s 2016 business plan based on the following priorities and goals.  Prior to the end of 2016 ACP will:

  • Secure a new vendor for our information management system, and programming to support ACP’s business will be underway (system implementation to be completed by end of 2017)
    • Complete an analysis of reports that will be required from the new system (implement 2018)
  • Modernize role statements for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
  • Propose amendments to the Scheduled Drugs Regulation to Alberta Health
  • Complete a review and analysis of registration policies and procedures for regulated members and pharmacies
  • Facilitate pharmacy technicians complete learning and implementation records in fulfilling their competence requirements
  • DRAFT a Framework to guide pharmacists and pharmacy technicians use Point of Care Technologies

The next regular meeting of council is scheduled November 30 – December 1, 2015.