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Survey results are in! Pharmacists share feedback on the Continuing Competence Program (CCP)

August 24, 2016

Thank you to the 1000 plus pharmacists who took part in our survey and provided feedback on the Continuing Competence Program (CCP). The CCP was established based upon your initial input, and your ongoing feedback is important to us as we move forward in maturing the program.

According to the survey:

91% of pharmacists strongly agreed/agreed that the CCP helped them to maintain and/or improve their competence. (up 9% from last year)

88% of pharmacists strongly agreed/agreed that the CCP portal was easy to navigate. (up 7% from last year)

It had been very easy to navigate, upload and save the documents on the CCP portal.”


In the survey, pharmacists were asked to rate the CCP. Compared to last year’s survey results, a higher percentage of pharmacists rated the program as “excellent or very good”:

15% rated it “excellent” (up 5% from last year)

39% rated it “very good” (up 10% from last year)

“I enjoy completing the implementation record and discussing with other pharmacists to learn which topics they chose to implement.” 

32% rated it “good” (down 2% from last year)

“It was better this year than last, but I feel the time would be better used in actual learning.”

6% rated it “poor” (down 5% from last year)

“I do not feel that I need to prove that I completed learning and applied it within my practice.”​

We appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions! We will continue to review your comments and make enhancements to the CCP program as we move forward.