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Tips for completing your CPD Log

March 8, 2011

Registration renewal time is quickly approaching. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get your Continuing Professional Development Log in order. Following these tips will help pave your way to a stress-free renewal.


CPD Log tips
  • Select your accredited course from the database of accredited courses. Search by keyword or part of the file number to increase your odds of finding the correct course. Taking some time to find the correct course in the database is faster and easier than adding a new accredited course to the database.
    • Tip – use part of the file number. For example, for the February 2011 edition of Pharmacist’s Letter “CE-in-the-Letter”, search by entering “0422-0000-11-002” instead of “0422-0000-11-002-H01-P”. You’ll find the correct course first try! On the other hand, if you search by “Pharmacists Letter” you will get 74 hits. 
  • Do not include the initials of the accrediting body in your search terms, e.g., CCCEP, ACPE, ACP. 
  • Not all accredited courses appear in the database. There are literally thousands of accredited courses and ACP staff cannot know about all of them. We do our best to add CCCEP-accredited courses and frequently used courses like Pharmacist’s Letter “CE-in-the-Letter” (which is actually called “Emerging Developments in Drug Therapy & Implementation into Patient Care”).
    • You may add a new accredited course to the database so you can enter it on your CPD Log. ACP staff will then confirm if it is, in fact, an accredited course. 
  • Be sure to enter the course completion date as the date shown on your certificate. This is a common source of error found during Audits of Professional Declarations. 
  • If you receive an error message that you have exceeded the maximum number of CEUs for a particular course, check your certificate for the accredited number of CEUs and check if you might have claimed that course previously (even going back to previous years). You may not claim the same course more than once for CEUs.