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Tool for monitoring the safety of antipsychotic use in adults

January 27, 2016

Antipsychotics can play a key role in the treatment of mental health disorders. Early identification of side effects from antipsychotics may not only help to improve adherence, but may improve long term health outcomes as well. 

AHS has developed an Antipsychotics Monitoring Record to help clinicians monitor side effects. This guidance document is designed for adults who are taking antipsychotics and can also be used as a patient engagement tool to help identify needs and formulate care plans. Clinicians are encouraged to consider the recommendations in the context of their patient’s specific clinical situation. This document is not intended to reflect a complete list of appropriate monitoring, but provides many examples of information that may be helpful to consider for patients taking antipsychotics.

If you have questions about completing the record, a list of FAQs is available on the AHS website. You will also find a list of additional tools that may be helpful in monitoring antipsychotic use in adults.

Article submitted by Margaret Agnew, Director, Zone Integration, Clinical Standards, Provincial Addiction and Mental Health; Rekha Jabbal, Pharmacy Clinical Practice Leader, Pharmacy Services; and Heather Scarlett-Ferguson, Manager, Knowledge Exchange Provincial Addiction and Mental Health