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Updated MAID Medication Protocol available online

February 15, 2017

The updated MAID Medication Protocol , formerly ‘Pharmacy Protocol’, is now available in the password protected area of the ACP website. The name of the protocol was changed to more accurately reflect its content.

Pharmacists who provide compounding and dispensing services to support MAID are encouraged to become familiar with this updated protocol. Highlights of the Medication Protocol include:

  • The partnership of all the contributing organizations is now reflected in the document.
  • The wording has been updated to include Nurse Practitioners. The terminology now used is ‘providing practitioner’.
  • A Symptom Management Protocol was added for use in managing the symptoms and complications that may arise from use of the oral self-administered protocol.
    • An appendix was added, which contains a list of consumables needed for the IV Protocol.
    • Several wording changes were incorporated to reflect feedback from practitioners that have used the protocols:
      • clarification and updating regarding the verification of consent
      • clarification regarding transportation of medications if necessary
      • change in dispensing quantity for lidocaine in the IV protocol (previously, the prefilled syringe option caused confusion during administration)
      • Removal of vial sizes and addition of concentrations in the drug monographs (to allow for variability in product availability at the pharmacy)