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Using your online CPD log: A snapshot

April 16, 2013

As May 31 approaches and pharmacists begin completing their online CPD log, many questions may surface. ACP has prepared the following quick hints to help you find the answers you need.

To access your online CPD log:

  • Go to the ACP homepage.
  • Click on Registrant profile login and enter your User ID (your ACP certification number) and password. The login box will confirm that you are logged into the system.
  • Click on CPD log.

Use the online tutorial to walk you through entering your accredited and non-accredited learning.

What if…

I forgot my password
Look below the login box and click on Click here if you forgot your password.

An accredited course is not listed in the accredited course database? 
You must enter it yourself. The ACP database is for convenience only, and not to confirm or validate all accredited pharmacist courses. It is your responsibility to ensure that the accredited course title and course number is exactly as seen on your certificate.

  • When searching for an accredited course in the accredited course database, enter the numbers exactly as seen on your certificate. Do not add letters or #.
  • When searching for an accredited course in the accredited course database, enter Find or OKDo not click on enter.

An error message appears when entering the start or completion date of an accredited course?
Ensure the course entry is not a duplicate, expired or information incorrectly entered. Note that you must have earned the CEUs between June 1, 2012 and the date of registration renewal. 

A course is accredited for other health professionals, or is an expired pharmacist-accredited course, or a course such as a first aid re-certification?
Such courses may qualify as a non-accredited learning activity if they are relevant to your pharmacist practice. If you are unsure, before claiming a course accredited for other health professionals as a non-accredited learning activity, please confirm with a member of the ACP competence department.

I clicked on submit and then realized I need to change information? 
Email a member of the competence department at

What is audited?

  • Accredited courses on your online log will be matched to your course certificate or statement of accreditation. The following must match:
    • course number,
    • title,
    • accreditation provider,
    • course expiry date,
    • course completion date, and
    • number of CEUs claimed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the accredited course title and course number is exactly as seen on your certificate.

  • Non-accredited learning listed on your log will be matched to your Non-accredited Learning Record (NALR). Although a maximum of 8 CEUs can be claimed on one NALR, you can submit more than one NALR for a course that allows more than 8 CEUs to be claimed. 

    Each learning activity must have a NALR (i.e., cannot combine more than one learning activity into one NALR).  

    You must answer all questions on the form for it to be deemed complete for audit purposes.