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Alberta Health Services’ compounding formulations now available directly from AHS

May 12, 2021

Community pharmacies no longer require a subscription to PADIS for access to AHS formulations.

NOTE: The resources mentioned in this article are no longer available.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Pharmacy Services is making the compendium of non-sterile compounding formulations available to community pharmacies in Alberta without a subscription. This was previously available through a fee-based subscription or by contacting the Poison & Drug Information Service (PADIS).

External pharmacies can now access formulations required for continuity of care for patients who have been in AHS facilities via instead of by contacting PADIS.

This compendium includes formulations for non-sterile preparations. These are to be used as a reference and are not intended to be master formulation records. Prior to using a formulation from the data base, regulated members should ensure the formulation meets ACP’s Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-sterile Preparations.

To access this online resource, go to and click on AHS Recipe (Compounding) Database.

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