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Submitting claims for optometrists’ prescriptions

February 17, 2021

Alberta Blue Cross has enhanced validation of prescriber identification numbers.

Pharmacy professionals should no longer have issues entering prescriber information for prescriptions written by optometrists and submitting claims to Alberta Blue Cross.

As explained in Pharmacy Benefact Number 930, Alberta Blue Cross has enhanced its validation of prescriber identification numbers. Effective immediately, pharmacy professionals should enter reference code 87 for prescriptions written by optometrists, plus the practitioner’s prescriber ID (registration) number.

Optometrists’ registration information can be found on the Alberta College of Optometrists website

As stated in the Link on May 27, 2020, it is important that prescriber identification information be properly entered to ensure the Netcare medication record is accurate and complete. This contributes to the continuity and quality of care for the patient.

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