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Are you familiar with the Naloxone Guidelines?

January 18, 2017

In May 2016, ACP provided pharmacists and pharmacy technicians guidance for dispensing or selling naloxone as a Schedule 2 drug. We’ve learned that some pharmacists may not be aware of the ability to dispense a Take Home Naloxone (THN) kit to a patient who is not willing/able to provide a PHN.   

As stated in Alberta Blue Cross Benefact #575, if the client is an Albertan but the PHN is not available and cannot be accessed through Netcare/PIN, the pseudo PHN of NX0000000 may be used. Once a pharmacist determines it is clinically appropriate for the THN kit to be provided, and that the recipient is an Albertan, the pharmacist must provide the kit at no charge to the patient (or the patient’s agent), and can bill the kit to Alberta Blue Cross through the use of the pseudo-PHN. For details on how this should be documented, please refer to ACP’s Naloxone Guidelines

Refusal to provide a THN kit should only be done under extraordinary circumstances. Pharmacists are encouraged to thoroughly document rationale for this refusal in the record of care.

For more information on the THN Program, please consult the following references:

ACP Naloxone Guidelines

Take Home Naloxone – Information for the Pharmacist (online education program)

Alberta Blue Cross Pharmacy Benefact #575

Alberta Blue Cross Benefact #612