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Changes to pharmacy library requirements make upkeep easier

January 27, 2009

The Standards for Operating Licensed Pharmacies list the requirements for the pharmacy library to which a pharmacist in the dispensary must have access. (Standards 38-42) For 2009, ACP has made changes to the pharmacy library requirements to make upkeep easier. 

Traditionally these library reference sources have been kept in textbook format, yet many of them are now available electronically by CD-Rom or web subscription. For example, the Canadian Pharmacists Association offers e-Therapeutics+, an online resource that can replace your CPS, therapeutics textbook and drug interaction reference source.

With ACP’s new requirements, now not only are electronic references encouraged, but the Martindale’s may now be up to one issue old and your medical dictionary may be up to ten years old (from the date of publishing). Please check the ACP website to see the updated list of recommended reference sources before you update your pharmacy library.

Originally published in the January 27, 2009, issue of The Link