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Competence Program team challenge update

May 5, 2015

Since the last issue of The Link, 245 more pharmacists have completed the CCP Tutorial. That brings our team total to 4,119. Great job!

Online renewal is now open. Pharmacists who have completed their learning and implementation records may now submit their professional portfolio via the CCP portal. There are two steps required to submit your portfolio:

  1. Click the submit button, and
  2. Complete the declaration that appears in the portal.

For questions about submitting your professional portfolio, please see our help guide.

If you are still working on your professional portfolio, don’t worry—there is still time. Chances are you’ve already completed your implementation objective without even realizing it. Your implementation does not need to be complicated, time-consuming, or all-encompassing. You are on the right path if you can demonstrate that learning was “put to use,” and as a result, improvements were made or knowledge was transferred. For additional tips, please refer to our special CCP edition of The Link.

  1. Complete the mandatory Continuing Competence Program (CCP) tutorial – Available in the Self-Assessment / Prescribed Activities section of the CCP portal
  2. Complete learning activities – Complete at least 15 CEUs during the CE cycle (June 1 to May 31) and document each activity on a Learning Record
  3. Put your learning to use – Implement a minimum of one CEU worth of learning into your practice and document this on an Implementation Record (you only need to complete one record)
  4. Submit your Learning and Implementation Records to ACP by May 31, 2015

For assistance, please contact a member of the competence team at; and/or review the FAQs on the ACP website: – FAQ – Competence Program.