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Council approves bylaw amendments

January 8, 2019
Changes to take effect in 2019 include a new pharmacy licence renewal deadline.

ACP Council has approved amendments to four ACP bylaws to take effect in 2019. Registrants were given an opportunity to provide feedback to Council during a 60-day consultation in late 2018.

The four amendments are listed below and are all related to registration and pharmacy licensure:

  1. Renewal of a pharmacy licence (Section 39(1))The deadline for licensees to submit their completed pharmacy licence renewal applications and fees has been changed (Section 39(1) of the bylaws). Completed pharmacy licence renewal applications and fees must be received by the registrar before June 1. Previously, applications and fees for pharmacy licence renewal were due before June 16. To accommodate the new deadline, renewal packages will be delivered to licensees by mid-April, earlier than previous years.

    With the increasing number of licensed pharmacies in Alberta, the renewal deadline change allows ACP’s registration team more time to review and process renewal applications prior to the end of the pharmacy licence term (June 30). The proposed date aligns with the renewal deadline for pharmacist practice permit renewals.

  2. Term of associate registration (Section 48) and associate register renewal (Section 49)Wording for the term of associate registration and the associate register renewal has been updated to reflect the differences in terms and renewal deadlines between associate pharmacists and associate pharmacy technicians. The term of registration for an associate pharmacist commences July 1 or any later date that it may be issued, and terminates on the June 30 that follows. The term of an associate pharmacy technician commences on January 1 or any later date that it may be issued, and terminates on the December 31 that follows.
  3. Registration year (Section 72)Wording for this bylaw was updated to reflect that the registration years indicated do not apply to registrants on the provisional, courtesy, or student registers. The registration years only apply to registrants on the clinical and associate pharmacist registers (July 1 to the following June 30), and the pharmacy technician and associate pharmacy technician registers (January 1 to the following December 31).

For the complete and up-to-date ACP bylaws, visit the Council elections page on the ACP website.