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Do a double take when helping families choose Ddrops®

April 5, 2023
Similar packaging to other products may cause confusion.

The following is an important message to pharmacy teams from Alberta Health Services:

Alberta Health Services Public Health Dietitians have had an increase in reports that some parents have been inadvertently sold Baby Ddrops® Probiotic when they asked for vitamin D.

Baby Ddrops® Probiotic DOES NOT contain vitamin D and could easily be mistaken for the same company’s vitamin D supplement based on the branding and packaging.

There is risk for vitamin D insufficiency when either formula-fed or breastfed infants are not receiving the recommended daily 400 IU of supplemental vitamin D. Clinicians should continue to follow best practices for recommending vitamin D liquid supplements for infants.

Although Baby Ddrops® Probiotic is approved by Health Canada to be sold to provide gentle colic relief and enhance production of beneficial bacterial strains in both formula-fed and breastfed infants, care should be taken to ensure it is not sold as a Vitamin D supplement.

Note: Products from other manufacturers that contain both vitamin D and probiotics DO exist (e.g., Orange Naturals Baby Probiotics +D3 Drops [400IU]).

Pharmacists are asked to help ensure clients purchase the correct product. Please share this information with your staff to ensure they are aware of the differences between the similarly packaged products.

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