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Do we have the right foundation for the Competence Program?

January 8, 2013

The philosophy and guiding principles serve as the foundation for the Competence Program. At their meeting on Dec. 6, ACP council considered updates to these pieces, and now would like your opinion.

Please review the following DRAFT versions. Then, complete the survey by Feb. 8 to tell us whether the philosophy and guiding principles for the competence program are clear and meaningful to you, and if there are any principles we have overlooked.

Do we have the right foundation for the Competence Program?

ACP’s Competence Program establishes a critical link between practitioners’ continuing education efforts, maintenance of competence, and practice improvement. Over the next year, the college is reviewing the program to ensure it best meets the needs of practitioners, the college, and the public.

Philosophy [DRAFT]
ACP fosters professional growth that inspires and empowers pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to continuously enhance their practices and support Albertans’ safe health and wellbeing. With a shared vision of excellent pharmacy practice, ACP and its registrants work together to identify competence goals and milestones signifying success, and ensure that learning transfers into practice.

Guiding principles [DRAFT]
The ACP Competence Program is:

1) Flexible
The program is relevant and adaptable to different practice settings and learning preferences, and addresses the full spectrum of learning (knowledge, skills and judgment).

2) Engaging
The program inspires career-long learning, and sparks peer-to-peer interaction through opportunities to connect with mentors, thought leaders, and subject matter experts.

3) Forward-looking
The program integrates with other ACP programs to help registrants meet requirements for practice and to build confidence in advancing their practices; and to help the college maintain a comprehensive view of practice in Alberta so that it can act in a way that best supports excellent pharmacy practice.

4) Sustainable
Program elements are replicable, scalable, and cost-effective.

5) Responsible
The program meets all legislative requirements and provides reliable measures by which practitioners, the college, and Albertans can be assured that pharmacy professionals are competent to provide safe and effective care.