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Do you compound and repackage? You need an updated form

August 9, 2011

Pharmacies that compound or repackage drugs to be dispensed through other community pharmacies must have:

-a compounding and repackaging licence, and

-an agreement in the form approved by council with each community pharmacy to which they provide services.

Council recently amended the agreement form. If you hold a compounding and repackaging pharmacy licence, or if you operate a licensed pharmacy and hold an agreement with a compounding and repackaging pharmacy, please review and update your agreement using the amended form to ensure that it is current. 

You can download the updated form from ACP’s website under Registration & Licensure/Pharmacies.


Do not dilute compounds

Products prepared at compounding and repackaging pharmacies cannot be further compounded or manipulated at a community pharmacy.

A compounding and repackaging licence and agreement authorizes you to compound a drug for or on behalf of the community pharmacy only if the community pharmacy holds a valid prescription for that drug or has a reasonable expectation of receiving a valid prescription for a patient for that drug in the immediate future.

This does not including preparing bulk compounds that are diluted or further compounded at the community pharmacy before dispensing (e.g., diluting 10% diclofenac gel to 5%). Preparation of products for which there is no prescription or no reasonable expectation of a prescription is considered manufacturing. Manufacturing is a commercial activity that is regulated under the Food and Drugs Actand its Regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other federal legislation.