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April 14, 2015

Every year, a percentage of pharmacists will be selected to have their professional portfolios audited. Your portfolio may be selected for an audit as a result of:

  • Random selection,
  • A late or incomplete submission, or
  • A request of the registrar as a result of concerns received about your practice.

If selected, your portfolio will go through an administrative audit and your implementation record will be peer assessed by at least two pharmacists trained in assessment. Because you submitted all of your information when you submitted your portfolio, you will not be notified until the audit has been completed.

Pharmacists who have been randomly selected for audit/competence assessment and achieved the established standard within the last five years and pharmacists who have been granted additional prescribing authorization within the last five years will not be selected for random audit. The portfolios for these pharmacists will only be selected for an audit if there is another reason such as a late or incomplete submission or a request from the registrar.