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Latisha Schmid and her pharmacy team initiate new osteoporosis medication review

May 15, 2019
Sharing implementation record leads to pharmacy team learning.

In January 2018, pharmacist Latisha Schmid of Taber noticed an increase in the number of osteoporosis-related prescriptions coming in to her pharmacy. This trend prompted her to take another look at the Osteoporosis Guidelines from Osteoporosis Canada. That reading set the groundwork for collaboration with her pharmacy team, a new method of practice, and a great idea for her implementation record.

 “I felt I needed more knowledge to ensure I was providing my patients with the most updated information and treatment options for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis,” explained Latisha.

One month later, an individual came into the pharmacy to see Latisha for a refill.

“I began reviewing this person’s profile and was astounded to discover the length of time he had been on alendronate. The more research I did on this patient, assessing bone mineral density, I realized that he had been on this medication way beyond the recommended treatment protocols of the Osteoporosis Guideline,” said Latisha. “This was the first time I ever thought to review treatment duration and to check bone mineral density of anyone on bisphosphonate therapy. This prompted me to start doing more thorough checks on everyone taking these medications to prevent this from happening to other patients.”

With the individual’s consent she was able to review relevant testing information. The guidelines only recommend five years of treatment and 10 years for high risk patients. Two weeks later, Latisha was able to advise that this individual end their osteoporosis medication. This was well received by both the patient and the physician.

In late March, Latisha had a meeting with the rest of the pharmacy team to outline her literature review findings for her implementation record. She explained the new proposed process and, after a collaborative discussion, her recommendation was accepted by the team.

Latisha said this particular case made her realize that there is a gap in monitoring pharmacotherapy for osteoporosis. She is working with her pharmacy assistant to flag patient’s profiles and doing more thorough checks.

When it comes to the implementation record, Latisha said she sometimes searches for ideas, but she is more mindful of what she is reading and researching, and sometimes that’s where an idea starts.

“We pharmacists are making implementations daily through our readings, research, recommendations, patient encounters, and intra-collaboration,” she said. “It is often not easy to see these interactions as implementations. “

The deadline for pharmacists to submit their requirements for the Continuing Competence Program is May 31, 2019.