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Licensees’ roles in responding to patient concerns

March 19, 2024
Pharmacy professional talking to patient and their child
ACP has developed a new Advice to the professions resource.

Whether due to miscommunication, misunderstandings, or errors, every pharmacy team will encounter unsatisfied patients and patient concerns. When licensees prepare their pharmacy teams with the right skills, information, tools, and resources to effectively address patient concerns, these events can either be prevented, or if necessary, be directly resolved, and are less likely to escalate.

The Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) has developed an Advice to the professions resource outlining a licensee’s responsibilities, including steps to prevent, respond to, and learn from patient concerns.

When licensees empower their teams to effectively manage patient concern incidents and respond to patient concerns with care and compassion, the entire pharmacy team will develop a stronger sense of trust and respect with their patients.

Licensees are encouraged to refer to the Licensees’ roles in responding to patient concerns Advice to the professions resource on the ACP website.