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Message from the President

February 4, 2014

Council elections are quickly approaching! Participating in your college as a member of council is a tremendous opportunity to provide leadership and set direction for the future of the pharmacy profession. I encourage anyone who has a strong passion for pharmacy practice and a willingness to lead to consider letting their name stand for nomination to council.

Council, at times, is faced with contentious issues that require consideration of differing points of view. It is important when letting your name stand to do it with the larger overall purpose of moving the profession forward to improve the health of Albertans; not because you wish to address a particular issue that is of significant importance to you personally. The three-year commitment lends itself to tackling multiple complex and diverse issues.

Being a council member is truly a privilege and unique opportunity to affect visionary pharmacy practice change on a provincial level and leadership to the profession at a national level. Are you the person you’ve been waiting for?

Nominations must arrive at the college office by 4:30 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 28, 2014.


Nomination information letter

Nomination form

ACP bylaws (election process covered in points 17 to 27)

Council responsibilities

Councillor code of conduct