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Mifegymiso: a pharmacy team’s responsibilities

May 28, 2024
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Pharmacy teams are encouraged to review guidelines and ensure to respect each’s patient’s right to health care.

Mifegymiso®, a combination product of mifepristone and misoprostol, was approved by Health Canada in 2015 for early medical abortion and became available in Canada in 2017. Since then, pharmacy teams have been able to dispense Mifegymiso® directly to patients in accordance with ACP’s Standards of Practice for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians and the Guidelines for dispensing Mifegymiso®. 

ACP is aware of situations where patients who present a pharmacy team with a prescription for Mifegymiso® are unable to obtain the drug.

Before dispensing Mifegymiso®, pharmacy teams should refer to the guidelines for important information about training for pharmacy team members. The guidelines also describe options for how to provide Mifegymiso® to the patient, and other unique factors to consider. Also, reflect on the patient’s unique circumstances and considerations for confidentiality when consulting with the patient.

As a reminder to pharmacy teams who are unable to or will not provide a service due to a conscientious objection, refer to the following principles from the ACP’s Code of Ethics:

  • Assist each patient to obtain appropriate pharmacy services from another pharmacist or health professional within a timeframe fitting the patient’s needs if I am unable to provide the pharmacy service or will not provide the service due to a conscientious objection.
    • Arrange the condition of my practice so that the care of my patients will not be jeopardized when I will not provide certain pharmacy services due to a conscientious objection.

In other words, if a pharmacy team is unable to or will not provide a service for a patient, due to a conscientious objection, the pharmacy team must assist the patient in accessing the service they are seeking by referring them to other health professionals who are able to provide the service.

To support this, if a pharmacy team anticipates that they may not be able to provide a service, they should be prepared and familiarize themselves with regulated members or other health professionals who are able to provide the service.

As a reminder, refer to Alberta Blue Cross Benefact 697 from July 2017 for information about how to claim Mifegymiso®.