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New compounding and repackaging directory launched

June 11, 2024
Resource for licensees looking to enter into a compounding and repackaging agreement.

ACP has created a directory of all currently licensed compounding and repackaging pharmacies in Alberta, sortable by city. This new tool will allow licensees to easily find a nearby pharmacy that is eligible to enter into a compounding and repackaging agreement.

Before entering into an agreement to receive compounding and repackaging services from another pharmacy, a licensee must first check to ensure that the pharmacy providing these services has been licensed and authorized by ACP. In doing so, licensees should also consider the information included in these previous Link articles:

Remember that even if the drugs and/or compounds you provide your patients were prepared by another pharmacy

  • your pharmacists are responsible for all patient assessments and other clinical interactions, and for ensuring the appropriateness of the drug therapy;
  • your pharmacists or pharmacy technicians are responsible for the dispensing and final check of the prescription;
  • you must verify that the compounding and repackaging pharmacy also holds a Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s Licence if you are purchasing narcotic, controlled, or targeted drugs from the selling pharmacy (outside of an emergency situation or shortage);
  • your pharmacy may only dispense these compounded or repackaged drugs to your pharmacy’s own patients pursuant to a valid patient-specific prescription (you may not resell these drugs to a third party); and
  • these requirements must all be met even if both the recipient and selling pharmacies are owned by the same proprietor.