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Part B of Licensee Education Program now available

September 2, 2020
All licensees must complete Part B by May 31, 2021.

Part B of ACP’s Licensee Education Program (LEP) is now available online. All licensees must complete Part B of the LEP before applying to renew their pharmacy licence in 2021 (deadline is May 31, 2021).

The LEP, which consists of Parts A and B, was designed to help pharmacists, licensees, and proprietors

  • articulate the licensee’s and proprietor’s agent’s legal responsibilities, and ACP’s expectations when operating a pharmacy, particularly regarding the authority, responsibility, and accountability of licensees, in context with current legislation;
  • use relevant resources to update and maintain knowledge about legislation and standards for operating a pharmacy; and
  • develop understanding about the pharmacy licensee’s role: leader, manager, professional, and clinician.

Part A of the program, launched in June 2020, includes readings, peer conversations and reflection, and an online module. Part A has been CCCEP-accredited for six continuing education units (CEUs). All licensees are strongly encouraged to complete Part A.

Part B includes an online module, resources, and a self-assessment. Part B of the program has been CCCEP-accredited for four continuing education units (CEUs).

Starting October 1, 2020, pharmacists applying as licensee for a new or existing pharmacy must complete both Part A and Part B of the LEP before a pharmacy licence will be issued. This applies even if the applicant has previous experience as a licensee.

Also starting October 1, 2020, all proprietor’s agents must complete the Proprietor’s Self-Assessment as part of the application for a new pharmacy or an application for a change in proprietor. This applies even if the proprietor’s agent has previous experience as a proprietor’s agent. (If the proprietor’s agent is also a licensee and has completed Part B of the LEP, the proprietor’s agent is not required to complete the Proprietor’s Self-Assessment.)

While the program will soon become mandatory for all licensees, all pharmacists are invited to enrol in the program in anticipation of one day applying to be a licensee. Pharmacy technicians are also welcome to enrol to gain a better understanding of the licensee’s roles and responsibilities.