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Patient information must be anonymous on APA applications

January 23, 2019
When applying for APA, follow these helpful tips.

When submitting your application for additional prescribing authorization, it’s important to ensure that all patient information is anonymous.

For the protection of your patients, please ensure their name, personal health number, address, and phone numbers cannot be identified.

It’s recommended that applicants use white out correction tape or stickers to hide the patient’s personal information. Black markers are not recommended, as the information can sometimes remain legible. And remember, the patient’s personal information may appear in multiple locations throughout the documentation, so be sure to check it thoroughly before submitting your application. For example, when printing Netcare lab printouts, the patient’s name may appear in three places.

If you do submit an application that includes a patient’s personal information, it may be considered a breach of privacy. In that case, you may be required to report the breach to the patient, the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and the Minister of Health (See the Link article from September 19, 2018).

You don’t need to mask the physician or pharmacist information. In fact, it’s crucial that assessors know who did what. When several physicians are involved in the patient’s care, it’s important for them to know who you are sending information to, and when.

Please take the time to ensure this is done correctly on both copies you are submitting, otherwise your application will be returned to you. You would then need to re-submit your application, which will result in a delay in the assessment of your application.