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PEBC assessors needed

June 12, 2019
Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are invited to participate in the PEBC qualifying exam – Part II (OSCE and/or OSPE).

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) is inviting qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to consider participating in the PEBC Qualifying Examination – Part II (OSCE and/or OSPE).

For pharmacists, the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), is designed to assess communications/interpersonal skills, the application of knowledge to simulations of commonly encountered patient scenarios, and other aspects of professional competence that do not lend well to written examinations.

For pharmacy technicians, the performance-based exam is the Objective Structured Performance Examination (OSPE). The OSPE covers areas such as responding to questions from patients, documenting and updating information gathered in a patient record, screening and evaluating new prescriptions, and compounding a product.

PEBC Assessors

Many assessors find that involvement as an assessor is both personally and professionally rewarding. Although many return year after year, there is always a need for new assessors. Each year, PEBC invites interested pharmacists who have been licensed in Canada for at least two years and who are currently providing or directly supervising patient care services (including dispensing, clinical, and/or drug information services) to apply as assessors for both the OSCE and the OSPE. PEBC also invites interested pharmacy technicians who are currently licensed to apply as assessors for the OSPE.

Please refer to the PEBC Assessor Application Form for further eligibility details.

It is critical that registered pharmacy technicians be involved as assessors in the OSPE.

Likewise, it is particularly important that clinical pharmacists be involved in assessing candidates for registration as pharmacists as the examination reflects both the health care needs of the public and the standards of the profession.

Expanded Roles and Professional Competencies for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

PEBC has based the examinations on the NAPRA competencies. If you have questions about the PEBC examination, the competencies being assessed, or your eligibility to be an assessor, please contact the appropriate chief administrator:

Edmonton – OSPE September 8, 2019

Dana Lyons, Chief Administrator, OSPE –                                  

Edmonton – OSCE November 9, 2019

Badia Dennehy, Chief Administrator, OSCE –

Calgary – OSCE November 9, 2019

Laurel Wittwer, Chief Administrator,

Assessor Application Form

If you are eligible and interested in participating as an assessor or in any other aspect of the OSCE or OSPE, or if you have previously participated but have moved to a different city, please complete and return all four pages of the PEBC Assessor Application Form in full and submit by mail, fax, or email to:

Edmonton Site Administrator
Shelley Takacs
Fax: 780-492-7123

Calgary Site Administrator
Elaine Curtis