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Pharmacies with compounding and repackaging licenses to be assessed as part of ACP pilot

May 15, 2019
ACP pharmacy practice consultants will be assessing based on new non-sterile compounding standards.

Pharmacies that hold compounding and repackaging licences may be assessed as part of a pilot program being conducted by ACP. The college will run three pilots—one in May, one in July, and one in September—where ACP pharmacy practice consultants will assess pharmacies on their progress in becoming compliant with the first two priorities of the new non-sterile compounding standards.

The purpose of the pilot is to evaluate ACP’s non-sterile compounding assessment process and collect feedback from pharmacy teams. We’re also hoping to bring awareness and understanding to pharmacies that provide non-sterile compounding services about the standards and provide support to meet the standards.

Each pilot will see 20 compounding and repackaging pharmacies be assessed as part of their routine assessments performed by their practice consultants. Some may be assessed outside of the usual pharmacy assessment cycle of two to three years. ACP will assess compliance with priorities one and two after January 1, 2020, and with all three priorities after July 1, 2020.