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Preventing incidents with Clear Care contact lens solution

March 10, 2015

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) has received reports from consumers who experienced pain and burning in the eyes after confusing Clear Care contact lens solution with a multi-purpose contact lens solution. Clear Care solution contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, and should not be used directly in the eye or as a rinsing solution for lenses. Due to the number of incident reports they have received, and that fact that many of the incidents resulted in corneal burns requiring emergency care, ISMP believes that additional steps are needed to make consumers aware of the need to check labels of contact lens solutions carefully.

ISMP Canada has made the following recommendations for pharmacists: 

  • Do not display hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens cleaning solutions beside multi-purpose solutions.
  • In community pharmacies, consider storing hydrogen peroxide-based solutions behind the counter.
  • Before selling or recommending hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens cleaning solutions, confirm the intended use of the product and educate consumers about proper use.
  • Share the latest Clear Care alert with consumers and patients. Consider posting a copy of the alert near displays of hydrogen peroxide-based lens cleaning solutions.

ISMP encourages pharmacists to review the Clear Care alerts and other alerts and newsletter on the website. To receive the latest publications from, please sign up to receive email communications on the home page, “like” on Facebook and follow @SafeMedUse on Twitter. For more information, contact